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In the south of the Istrian peninsula, cca 6 km from Pula, in Banjole, is situated camp Peškera. Our tradition and experience as the seaside accommodation... Learn more


Cape Kamenjak


The Kamenjak peninsula (www.kamenjak.hr) is located in the southern part of Istria and only 10 km from Banjole. The coast of Kamenjak reveals numerous bays, islets and beaches that makes it an ideal place for all-day swimming and sport activities such as cycling (www.rex-rent.com) and kayak tours (www.istrakayak.com). The coast is mostly rocky, with flat rocks that are ideal for sunbathing in summer and high rocks that will delight all those who enjoy jumping into the sea. 100 milion years ago, dinosaurs also walked on cape Kamenjak, and on the Grakalovac peninsula you can see fossilized footprints.